Thursday, August 30, 2012

AP Bootcamp: Tragedy/Characterization

Today, we are going to start our AP Bootcamp with our summer reading, King Lear.

Bellringer: Is the tragic figure a result of his own flaw or fate?
-We said:
  • He could be either
  • It could be the result of how others around him acted, not his fault.  An example of this is how Cordelia did not express her love for the King, which he did not expect.
  • It could be the result of a flaw.  Lear acts rashly in how he divides up his land, and he is quick to banish Cordelia and Kent.

  • Tragedy's progression throughout the ages
  • The five stages of action in a Shakespearean Tragedy
Understanding the structure of King Lear, we went on to review our first literary element, characterization.  In order to this we thought of characterization through the analogy of a river.

1. Complete the worksheet for a character from King Lear.  Make sure to include quotes and specific examples to back up the aspects that you choose for that character.
2. Review the five stages of action in a tragedy, and explain how each act in King Lear fits these stages. 

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