Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rearranging Plot

Goal: To understand the purposeful arrangment of plot at a deeper level.  To understand how arrangement affects the emphasis of certain plot pieces. To think about how we can consider arrangement whether we are writing a short story or an analytical essay. 

-Group rearranging of plot events in "The Short Happy Life"
-Group sharing of the significance of the changes
-Essay handbacks

-Hang on to the "Once Upon a Time" notes/review the reading if you have not
-AP: SPOTTS assignment on "Ballad of Birmingham" (p. 728) due Mon
        -->Write 2-3 paragraphs instead of the one
        -->One of these paragraphs should be an introduction that contains a concise thesis
        -->Try to touch on just one literary device.  Do not try to cover more than two

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