Sunday, November 18, 2012

Honors and AP Response

Journal Entry: Your take on the American Dream

             The American Dream is not a static part of American history.  Although it has some easily nameable components, it varies from time period to time period and from person to person.  The variations of these dreams can be seen in media, including pieces of literature.  The personal history and culture of the authors help them to develop their own, distinct visions.

Task:  For this assignment, you will be considering what the American Dream means to you.  What is the American dream from your perspective?  How would you define it?  How do you see it actualized (or not)? 

In answering these questions, consider society today as well as your own background.  Since you will have the break to work on this, you should take the opportunity to talk this over with your family members.  What has their journey in American been like?  How has it affected yours? You may want to take this opportunity to write something that you can give as a gift to a relative or loved one. 

Due Date:  Monday, November 26th in class


*Answer the prompt set forth in the task.

*Make sure to frame your answer with some self-reflection on your background and/or contemporary culture. 

*Complete your response in at least one page (and no more than four). 
(Note: This is with 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spacing, and 1 inch margins.)

*Use the conventional standards for written English.

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