Friday, November 16, 2012

Station #2 Answers

These are the answers for the Station #2 Quiz.  Please attempt to take the quiz and find the answers on your own before looking at these.  Doing so will help you to review the last section, on which there will be similar multiple choice questions.

1.  C
2.  A  (If you put D, think about what makes Beowulf different than Grendel)
3.  C  (He is both a thane and a kinsmen--p. 88)
4.  D (yellow timbered is a nice example of kenning)
5.  C or D depending on which part of the text you were looking at
6.   I had B in mind because Wiglaf ultimately uses the sword to kill the dragon (his shield is destroyed in the fire...but I think the question may be confusing because the attacks from the dragon are started by the mystery person stealing the jeweled cup from the hoard)
7.  C   (2650 makes it pretty clear where he stands)
8.  C (50 is a common number in the text)
9.  C  (similar to Shield's pyre)
10.   B  (He is a perfect exemplar of Anglo-Saxon heroic least for the portion of the text for which we know him)

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