Friday, November 16, 2012

Station #2 Quiz

Part III Quiz-Beowulf
1. ______ For how many years did Beowulf reign over his people?
a. 30 Years
b. 40 Years
c. 50 Years
d. 60 Years
2. ______ Why couldn't Beowulf fight the dragon with his hands?
a. The dragon breathed fire
b. The dragon was too hot
c. The dragon was scaly
d. The dragon was dangerous
3. ______ Who was Wiglaf?
a. A servant
b. A relative of Beowulf
c. A messenger
d. An encourager
4. ______ What was Wiglaf's shield made of?
a. Copper
b. Iron
c. Steel
d. Wood
5. ______ What was the water Wiglaf got used for?
a. For Beowulf to drink
b. To douse the flames
c. To wash Beowulf
d. To revive Beowulf
6. ______ What item was used as a beacon for Wiglaf's path?
a. A jeweled cup
b. A sword
c. A goblet
d. A banner
7. ______ According to Wiglaf, what is better than living a cowards life?
a. Getting wounded
b. Going into battle
c. Dying
d. Treasure
8. ______ How big was the dragon outspread?
a. 30 feet long
b. 40 feet long
c. 50 feet long
d. 60 feet long
9. ______ What items did the people put in Beowulf's funeral pyre, or pile
of combustibles?
a. The dragon
b. His armor
c. The treasure
d. Books
10. ______ What are the best adjectives to describe Wiglaf?
a. Stubborn and savage
b. Courageous and loyal
c. Loving and generous
d. Harsh and ferocious

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