Thursday, December 20, 2012

Chaucer's Prologue

*Bell Work (Imagery, Brume, Homily, Immanence, Pompous, Infer)
*Finish Mock Trial
*The Canterbury Tales slideshow

"The Flea" Response (due before you leave)
Verdict for the trial (~500 words; follow the directions provided in the handout)

Canterbury Style Illustration of a Person
1. Pick a well-known figure/social role to describe (think Chaucer's clergymen, knight, etc., but the modern-day equivalents)
2.  Think about your character and write a Chaucer-style description of them (1 paragraph [1/2 a age]-1 page)

  • Include one example of alliteration
  • Write in heroic couplets (rhyming pairs of lines in Iambic Pentameter)
    • Iambic Pentameter
      • Ten syllables per line
      • Every other syllable is stressed
    • Couplet
      • Two consecutive lines with the same end rhyme (a a b b c c d d e e f f g g and so on rhyme scheme)
  • Include Indirect characterization (description of clothes, actions, thoughts, how others perceive them)
  • You may also include a few instances of direct characterization (saying something like x is a worthy fellow, good man, etc.)
  • Try to provide satirical stereotypes as Chaucer did
3.  Have fun with this!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mock Trial Day II

-Bell Work (Hyperbole, apocalypse)
-Mock Trial Continuation (we will wrap up tomorrow)

-"The Flea" response due before break
-Read Chaucer's "Prologue" and write general notes
-You also should write your verdict before break, but you can use the weekend to write it if you need to
-Vocab test postponed

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mock Trial

-Mock Trial Day!!

-Response to John Donne's "The Flea" due before you leave for break
-Read Chaucer's prologue (pushed to Thursday) and your Middle English handout

Friday, December 14, 2012

Middle English

-Bell Work (genre, paltry)
-Vocab Quiz
-Chaucer Worksheet Review
-Book Signouts
-Middle English Discussion and Pronunciation

-Final mock trial preparations!
-Read Chaucer's Prologue for Wednesday (With Reading Notes!)
-Response on John Donne's "The Flea" (p. 891) due next Friday (or Thursday if you are going to be absent conveniently on the day before break)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Introduction to Chaucer and Law School Talk

-Bell Work (Figurative Language, Ludicrously, Figure of Speech, Undulant)
-Law School Chat (CREAC argument style)
-Background Information Videos on Chaucer/Guided Notes

-Finalize your trial information
-We will finish reviewing the packets of Chaucer information tomorrow

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Trial Workshop and Peer Review of Part I

-Bell Work (Exposition, Intimation, Petulant, Explication)
-Mock Trial Workshop

  1. Review your part 1 papers with the rest of your group
  2. You need to dedicate some time to coming up with/answering questions
-Continue to work on your parts for the trial
-Trial will be postponed to Monday

Monday, December 10, 2012

Mock Trial Workshop

-Progress Report Check-Ins
-Chart Stations Review
-Law School Speaker (Postponed)
-Mock Trial Workshop

  • Get into you groups
  • Choose your roles
  • Form a general plan of action
  • Lawyers' Opening Statements/Witnesses' Position Statements
  • Lawyers' Questions/Witnesses' Answers
  • Try to figure out the other side's argument

-You will want to have your opening statements/position statements ready for Wed.

Completed Chart Paper Stations

Friday, December 7, 2012

Critical Dialogue in Grendel

-Bell Work (Example, Victualers)
-Vocab Quiz
-Stations  (I am going to try to post these in a future post)

  • Response to Quote in inside box
  • Response to a response in outside box
  • We will review any remaining questions and process this task on Monday

-Start Preparing for the Mock Trial (Remember that you need examples from both Beowulf and Grendel).

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Characters and Contrasts/Mock Trial Directions

-Bell Work (Euphony, Aloof)
-River Characterizations and Share Out
-Beowulf Journal Discussion
-Mock Trial Handouts and Directions

-Read the Helpful Tips, and Review the other Mock Trial Materials
-No response this week!  Work on your mock trial pieces!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Characterization and Contrast in Grendel

-Bell Work (Ethos, gewgawed, euphemism, ominous)
-Homework Review (Grendel v. Unferth)
-River Characterization Charts of Hrothulf and Wealhtheow

-Finish reading the book
-Mini Journal--Write a paragraph that responds to Gardner's representation of Beowulf.  You may want to ask yourself, "Why does Beowulf play such a small role?" or "How does Grendel describe him?  Why?"

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Dragon and Grendel's shift

-Bell Work
-Journal:  The Dragon: What is his purpose?

  • Write down three quotes that the dragon says in this chapter
  • From these quotes, determine which isms the dragon seems to embody
  • Explain what effect the dragon seems to have on Grendel.
-Discussion of "sini qua non" and the Greek aphorism, "Know Thyself"

-Read chapters 8 & 9
-Venn Diagram comparing the characterizations of Unferth and Grendel
  • Use this to answer the question: Why is Unferth given such a large role in Grendel