Monday, February 25, 2013

Bullying in Othello Day 1

-Vocab (Ruminate, Rhetoric), review past vocab

  • What do you find interesting?
  • Which language as x do you feel resonates the most with your reading of the play?  Why?
  • Find 3-5 textual examples

-AP Multiple Choice (due Wed)
-Read Act 4 (for Wed)
-Act 4 Questions 

Act IV, scene i

1)      What plan does Othello devise for Desdemona?  What alternative does Iago suggest?  Why do you think he makes this suggestion?

2)      Lodovico is surprised by the changes in Othello.  What does he say about Othello?  What does this tell us about the way he used to be?

3)      Cite the lines from this scene that prove Othello still loves and cares for Desdemona despite the fact that he thinks she must pay for her betrayal?

Act IV, scene ii

4)      Why do you think Othello begins to cry? 

5)      Quote the line(s) that proves that Emilia knew Iago thought she had an affair with Othello?

6)      Based on her comments, do you think Emilia really did have an affair with Othello?  Why or why not?

7)      Desdemona asks Emilia to do a specific task.  What does she ask her to do?  Why do you think she makes this request?

8)      Why is Roderigo upset with Iago?  What is he threatening to do and why? 

9)      What do you think happened to Roderigo’s jewels?

10)  Why do you think the conversation between Roderigo and Iago is in prose?

Act IV, scene iii

11)  Cite the evidence that suggests Desdemona might actually have a feeling about what is to happen to her this night.

12)  What evidence might there be to support the idea that Emilia has had an affair?  How might Emilia’s response to Desdemona’s question about betraying one’s husband contribute to Iago’s behavior?

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