Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bullying in Othello Day II

-Bell Work
-Discussion of Language in Othello continued

  • Language as Power
  • Language as Character
  • Language as Conversation with the Audience
-Definitions of Bullying
-Branching Diagram--To what extent do Iago's actions fit within our definitions?  

-Read Act 5
-Finish the Act 5 Questions

Act V, scene i

1)      Why do you think Roderigo is so willing to murder Cassio?  What do you think Iago told him to convince him it was imperative?

2)      Why do you think Iago doesn’t stay and kill Cassio after injuring him?

Act V, scene ii

3)      What evidence proves that Othello still loves Desdemona? 

4)      Despite his apparent love for Desdemona, Othello still kills her.  What do you think the predominant reasons for this might be?  Consider the fact that he no longer seems heated and rash in this last scene.

5)      Why does Desdemona respond, “Nobody; I myself,” to Emilia’s question of who did this to her?  How is this ironic?

6)      When does Emilia realize that her husband really is the root of the treachery?  Cite the line(s).

7)      If Iago hadn’t drawn his sword against his wife, do you think that he would have been able to talk his way out of the mess?

8)      Cite the ending couplet from the play.  What significance do you think it has?

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