Monday, February 11, 2013

Name Calling in Shakespeare

-Bell Work (Personification, citadel, point of view, prate)
-Vocab Quiz
-Journal: What names do we call other people?  What motivates this name-calling?  How does it make us feel?
-Examining Shakespeare's word choice when it comes to Othello  (write down the name and who calls him it)

-Finish finding the names
-Finish Reading Act 2
-Bring in a previous response paper for Thursday's writing workshop (AP class, please bring your most recent practice essay)


  1. Moor (Brabantio) line 222 pg 43
    Beast with two backs (Iago) line 132 pg 15
    Lascivious (Roderigo) line 141 pg 15
    your honor (Iago) line 10 pg 21
    Captain (Iago) line 66 pg 25
    Foul thief (Brabantio) line 80 pg 25
    Valiant (1st Senator) line 55 pg 33
    as luscious as locusts (Iago) line 391 pg 53

  2. moor (just about everyone)
    knee-crocking knave (Iago)
    thick-lips (Roderigo)
    lascivious (Roderigo)
    Barbary horse (Iago)
    gondolier (Roderigo)
    foul thief (Brabantio)
    abuser of the world (Brabantio)
    valiant (Duke)
    mountebank (Brabantio)
    husband (Desdemona)
    Brabantio's son-in-law (Duke)
    villain (Iago)

  3. Iago- "your honor" page 21
    Iago- "captain" page 25
    Barbantio- "foul theif" page 25
    Officer- "noble self" page 27
    Duke- "othello" page 37
    1st Senator- "valiant" page 33
    Iago- "villian"
    Roderigo- "gondolier"

  4. Your honor- Iago 10
    Moor- Iago 42
    Thick lips- Roderigo 72
    Captain- Iago 66
    Theif- Brabantio 80
    Noble Self- Officer 115
    Barbary Horse- Iago 125

  5. Moor~Lago
    Knee Crooking knave~Lago
    Thick Lips~Roderigo
    Noble Self~Officer
    Barbary Horse~Lago

  6. Moor (Iago) Scene 1, line 42
    Old black ran (Iago) Scene 1. line 97
    Barbary horse (Iago) Scene 1, line 125
    Knave of common hire (Roderigo) Scene 1, line 140
    Gondolier (Roderigo) Scene 1, line 140
    Lascivious (Roderigo) Scene 1, line 141
    General (Cassio) Scene 2, line 42
    Foul thief (Brabantio) Scene 2, line 80
    A practicer of arts (Brabantio) Scene 2, line 97
    Valiant Othello (Duke) Scene 3, line 56
    Brave (Senator) Scene 3, line 332

  7. Olivia's List:
    Moor - Lago
    Knee-Crocking knave - Lago
    Foul Thief - Brabantio
    Your Honor - Lago
    Villain - Lago
    Barbary Horse - Lago

    Nicole's List
    Moor (Iago) (Roderigo) p.25
    Thick-lips (Roderigo) p.11
    Gondolier (Roderigo) p.15
    Captain (Iago) p.25
    General (Iago) p.25
    Foul Thief (Brabantio) p.25
    Valiant Moor (First Senator) p.33
    Valiant (Duke) p.33