Thursday, March 21, 2013

College-Level Writing Workshop

-Bell Work (Syntax, Whitewash)
-Brainstorming Tips

  • Read the Ten Commandments of AP Writing
  • Free Write: What do you agree with?  What do you think was left out?
  • Consensus as a group
-Writing at a College Level (AP)
  • Read College Board Rubric for the sample prompt to which you responded
  • Translate each section into your own language
  • Read and grade samples using said rubric
  • Share the results as a group + Compare with the AP graders' opinions

-Writing at a College Level (Honors)
  • Read additional college writing tips
  • Add to your consensus sheet
  • Read and grade sample papers (Meaning/Development/Organization/Language/Conventions) out of 6
  • Share results and compare with teachers' grading

-Guiding Tips
  • Based on the previous tips create a top ten tips list with your group

-Vocab Quiz tomorrow
-Free Response (due Wed)
-Revision of AP Response or Free Response (due Fri)

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