Monday, April 29, 2013

The Morton Chapters

-Reading Questions
-Journal: What is the purpose of the Morton chapters?  How do they position Jane in comparison to the ideal Victorian woman?
-Group Work

  • AP: Trade + Grade
  • Honors: Blog Project
-All: Finish reading for Wednesday
  • Complete next section in prose packet (chapter 3 review packet, next poem and questions)
  • Read packet on exam essays

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Practice Test # 1

AP-Practice Test
Honors-Work on The Eyre Affair Project

-JE 32 + 33 (Fri)
-JE 34 + 35 (Mon)
-AP: Finish Practice Test 1
-Honors: Continue to work on blog project

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Groups Day + Announcments

-Bell Work (Supercilious, Meretricious)
-Announcements (AP Exam, this week, Reading Schedule)
-Reading Questions
-Byronic Heroes in JE
-Group Work

  • AP--Prose Practice

-Read chapters 30 & 31
-AP: If absent tomorrow, complete multiple choice + 1 essay
-Honors: If absent tomorrow, continue to work on your group project

Monday, April 22, 2013

Byronic Hero

-Bell Work (Lugubrious, confabulation)
-Byronic Heroes Teaser:
-Byronic Hero Characteristics Handout
-"Prometheus" Analysis:

-Complete the worksheet explaining how Rochester and another character of your choosing fit/do not fit the Byronic hero label

Friday, April 12, 2013

Madness unraveled: An analysis of its use in JE

-Bell Work (salubrious, gregarious)
-Worksheet Review: "Madness in Jane Eyre"
-AP Group

  • Review Dickens answers/questions on this section
  • Continue working on the next section of questions
  • Review assignment directions
-Honors Group
  • Set up blog domain
  • Determine which literary character you will use
  • Create a profile appropriate to your character
  • All--Read 27, 28, and 29. Answer questions that go with them.
  • Honors--Journal Question (see handout)
  • AP: Choose 1 response question to answer (45 min) and answer the 30 JE MC questions (~30-40 min)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Madwoman in the Attic

-Bell Work (effluvia, perfidious)

  • With what are asylums associated?
  • How are patients viewed by society (think of epithets used to describe them)?
  • How are asylums depicted in movies?
-Victorian Asylums Overview

-AP Response due tomorrow
-Next vocab quiz will be after break
-Read chapters 27-29 over break  
-Break work: TBD

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Odds and Ends Day

-Bell Work (Penurious, Truculent)
-Vocab Quiz
-Men's Fashion Presentation (thank you, Ryan)
-Victorian Pageant
-Discussion of Reading Questions

-Fri: AP Response Due

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Group Day II

-Quarter 4 Bell Work Sign-ups
-Announcements for the week
-AP Group:

  • Review of diagnostic quiz answers/reflection on the types of questions missed
  • Analysis of Prose Section
-Honors Group:
  • Discussion of Reading
  • Journal clarification
  • Blog Sources

-Read 21-26 for Wed.
-Pageant materials due Wed.
-Fri--AP Response to "The Man in the Black Suit" due

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Victorian Pageant

You are on a pageant team for either Blanche Ingram or Jane Eyre.  Your task is to prepare these women to complete in a number of competitions.  In addition to choosing attire and responses that are appropriate for the period (based on your homework reading and based on yesterday's class readings), you will need to make choices that are appropriate to your candidate's characterization (including class).  We actually will hold this pageant, so one person in each group will need to act as your character.  She will need to answer interview questions from the character's point-of-view, and she will act as a clothing model (you may print out pictures/draw them on chart paper...obviously, you will not wear them in actuality).

Pageant Agenda:
-Casual Wear
-Formal Wear
-Final Thoughts (Interviews)

-Victorian Fashion:
-1840s Fashion:
-Ladies Emporium:
-History of the Bathing Suit:
-Links to Etiquette and Clothing for Different Occasions:
-What Victorian Women Did:

...and many others, which you may search for yourself.

Magazines & Cultural Reflections (Now + Victorian Times)

-Bell Work (Ewer, Voice)
-Free Write: How can a magazine reflect a particular time + culture?
-Analysis I: Modern Magazine
-Analysis II: Victorian Magazines (see questions in previous post)

-Read Victorian Woman Packet
-AP Diagnostic Test + Honors Journals/Reading pushed back to Monday
-Reading 21-25 pushed to Wednesday
-AP Response to "The Man in the Black Suit" (next Friday)

Text Choices for Modernist Unit

F. Scott Fitzgerald--The Great Gatsby

William Faulkner--As I Lay Dying

Joseph Conrad--"Heart of Darkness"  (and other selections)

Virginia Woolf--Mrs. Dalloway

James Joyce--Dubliners

FM Ford-- The Good Soldier: A Tale of Passion

EM Forster--Howard's End

Aldeous Huxley--Brave New World

Jean Rhys--The Wide Sargasso Sea

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Godey's Lady's Magazine v. 40 (1850) Link;seq=15;view=1up;num=iii

Reading Questions:

Click on different pages of the text, and skim some of the articles.
  • What generalizations can you make about Victorian culture based on Godey's?
  • What is featured in the section entitled "The Work Table"? What does this say about a middle-class Victorian woman's perception of "work"?  (I have this available as a separate handout because it is on multiple pages)

Read the Godey's entry "The Sphere of Woman" (Goethe) and examine its accompanying illustration.  (This article also is a part of the separate handout).
  • How does Goethe define the role of the Victorian woman?
  • How does he see the woman's role as having advantages over the man's role?
  • On what is the woman "dependent"?
  • How does the image complement the text?

Gothic Conventions Day II

-Bell Work (verbal irony, refectory, understatement, preternatural)
-Comma Use in Connecting Independent Clauses
-Jane Eyre Questions/Discussion of Gothic Elements
-Continuation of House on Haunted Hill 

-Bring a magazine tomorrow if you have one to share
-AP: Finish Practice Exam for Friday
-Honors: First Journal and set of Eyre Affair reading due Friday
-AP Response to "The Man in the Black Suit" due NEXT Friday

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Extra Credit Directions

The following is the text of the letter regarding the extra credit assignment.

February 26, 2013

You may be aware that Green Mountain Power is holding a contest called the Vermont Writers' Prize.  Entries can be sent anytime before November 1st.  The theme is "Vermont--Its People, the Place, Its History or Its Values," and the prize is $1500.  The winning entry will be in VERMONT MAGAZINE in the March/April edition.  Entries can be essays, short stories, or poems and cannot exceed 1500 words.  Send to Vermont Writers' Prize c/o Green Mountain Power, 163 Acorn Lane, Colchester, VT, 05446.

Enclosed is my entry which deals with my hometown of Proctor.  I thought that some of your teachers or students might be interested (and perhaps submit their own entries).


Ray Pentkowski

(If you would like to see the sample entry, please get a paper copy of the contest details from class).

Gothic Conventions

-Discussion of most recent papers/extra credit
-Notes: The Gothic
-Identifying in Context: House on Haunted Hill

-Read through Chapter 20 of JE + Reading ?s
-AP Practice Exam for Friday (do one section per night--15 min each)
-Honors Project/1st Journal Due Fri
-EC due Fri
-AP Response on "The Man in the Black Suit" due next Friday