Thursday, April 4, 2013

Victorian Pageant

You are on a pageant team for either Blanche Ingram or Jane Eyre.  Your task is to prepare these women to complete in a number of competitions.  In addition to choosing attire and responses that are appropriate for the period (based on your homework reading and based on yesterday's class readings), you will need to make choices that are appropriate to your candidate's characterization (including class).  We actually will hold this pageant, so one person in each group will need to act as your character.  She will need to answer interview questions from the character's point-of-view, and she will act as a clothing model (you may print out pictures/draw them on chart paper...obviously, you will not wear them in actuality).

Pageant Agenda:
-Casual Wear
-Formal Wear
-Final Thoughts (Interviews)

-Victorian Fashion:
-1840s Fashion:
-Ladies Emporium:
-History of the Bathing Suit:
-Links to Etiquette and Clothing for Different Occasions:
-What Victorian Women Did:

...and many others, which you may search for yourself.

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