Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Character Roles in The Great Gatsby

-Bell Work (rajah, Knickerbocker, denizen, somnabulatory)
-Review (protagonist, antihero, antagonist, foil)
-Free Write:

  • Is Nick a reliable narrator?  Why/why not?  Is he simply a minor character or does he fulfill one of the roles that we reviewed?
-Diagram of Gatsby's characterization: Review your assigned chapter of TGG for evidence of Gatsby's characterization.  Please use quotes or summarize specific plot details. 
  • S-What the character says
  • T-What the character thinks (this will be rare since the story is from Nick's pov)
  • E-Effect that he has on others...including what they say about him
  • A-Actions that he performs
  • L-How the character looks/what the character wears
After this analysis, determine from which source we receive the most information about Gatsby in your chapter.  Additionally, try to decide if Gatsby is simply a protagonist or if he is an anithero as well.  

-Complete more of your Gatsby chart (particularly if you do not think that you will finish in the first five minutes of class tomorrow)
-Read chapter 7
-Write a paragraph explaining what you believe are the two major turning points of the novel that occur in this chapter

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