Friday, May 3, 2013

Jane's Journey Reviewed

-Bell work (languid, annex)
-Group Work

  • AP
    • Review of previous test
    • Overview of study plan leading up to the test
  • Honors
    • Time to finish posters (if needed)
-Presentations (this information will be helpful on the take-home test)

-All: Read Gatsby Chapters 1-3 (Mon)
  • Review Questions based on what you missed on the practices test (Mon)
  • Read Chapter 8 (Mon)
  • Read Chapter 9 + Create flashcards on terms you have trouble with 
    • any other flashcard site
    • or you can do them the old-fashioned way
  • Essay Review Sheets 
    • Remember, you need to have the details of at least two texts down for the exam.  This includes title, author, names of characters, date published, setting, major plot events, theme, etc.

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